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‘To act as custodians of those properties of cultural heritage and natural beauty held in trust and maintain them for the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe as a legacy for future generations’.




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Membership and reciprocity


Total NTZ membership now stands at 196 and increasing! Spread the word and lets it get it up over 200!!!


**Members, please do not forget that you are welcome at the Tree Society meetings, as well as Birdlife Zimbabwe meetings/outings following our reciprocity agreements with both Societies. The two Societies newsletters will also be forwarded to our NTZ members. All dates/times and contact details are published in the Ndeipi magazine.**

**Members are also very welcome at History Society meetings, venues and topics/presenters are advertised is the Ndeipi magazines.**

These Societies are made up of very knowledgeable and interesting folk whose combined interests will have something for everyone, so please, get out there, introduce yourselves and enjoy everything our beautiful Zimbabwe has to offer!


 Film Night – Borrowdale Village

A successful film night was organised on the 24th November for the showing of ‘Me before You’

A wonderful cheese platter was provided by The Cheeseman and wine was served. A number of guests showed interest in the NTZ and we hope to have gained a few new members who took away membership forms!

            *Ster Kinekor gave 4 complimentary tickets as a prize – won by Roger Fairlie

            *La Rochelle’s 1 free night for 2 people – won by Debbie Collyer

            *Wild Heritage 2 nights for 4 people – won by Claire Temporal

Charles Hyslop welcomed the guests before the start of the movie and gave a short talk on the Trust.

A number of people said how much they had enjoyed the evening, we hope to do more social NTZ events this year!

The NTZ 2016 AGM.



The Spirit of Place (SoP) concept was established at the Quebec conference of the International Council on Monuments and Sites in 2008.  SoP is defined as “the tangible (buildings, sites, landscapes, routes, objects) and the intangible elements (memories, narratives, written documents, rituals, festivals, traditional knowledge, values, textures, colours, odours, etc.). It is the physical and the spiritual elements that give meaning, value, emotion and mystery to place. SoP is a critical tool for identifying conservation priorities for cultural heritage, but is also applicable for conserving natural sites which have a meaning to communities.

SoP is a short statement that expresses what is unique, distinctive and cherished about a particular place; and which guides all activities to improve the quality of everything that we do at that place. It is a statement of the tangible and intangible special qualities of a place, providing the NTZ with a framework for conservation and management

We have complied a SoP statment for each of our properties and we have pleasure in sharing them with you (see each site report below). We do hope that we have managed to encapsulate what is unique, distinctive and cherished about a particular site and that they will give you an insight of what you may experience and feel at each site.

La Rochelle - Spirit of Place Statement

Experience both the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of a country estate, and feel the passion held by Sir Stephen and Lady Virginia Courtauld to settle here and literally ‘put down roots’ as the saying goes. The house and grounds are what has made La Rochelle a lasting treasure to be enjoyed in perpetuity by the nation of Zimbabwe …

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La Rochelle - Events and news - May 5, 2017

Please email reservations@larochellecentre.com or call us on (04) 497213 / 0714 610 803 to find out costs and more detail. In 2016 La Rochelle hosted a number of events such as bird courses, vintage car rally, art retreat, jazz evening, food and wine pairings and educational workshops. Here are a few recent photos from some of those events:

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Worlds View - Spirit of Place Statement

Sit above the clouds and birds flying and gaze down from one of the highest points in the land of Zimbabwe (approx 2,300 metres), across the central plateau almost a kilometre below. The view is of a land of mystery, of peace and of extreme beauty and it seems endless. As you gaze across the landscape spreading out in all …

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World's View Report - December 2016

With grateful thanks to Gill Honeyman and her wonderful little team up at Worlds View, for all the work you all do there, making the site most enjoyable and much appreciated! Gill’s report follows:- An all-time, record breaking month for the View with over 1500 visitors, mostly over the festive season - 300 visitors on Christmas Day, 200 on Boxing …

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Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition - Spirit of Place Statement

Join the many people that visit an astonishing public display of ancient manuscripts, photographs and other exhibits of interest relating to Nyanga and persons and events connected with its history and development. In addition there is memorabilia depicting the life and times of early Zimbabwe, from the local indigenous tribe’s people, through to the white settlers and together with the …

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Murawah's Hill - Spirit of Place Statement

One can almost hear the chattering of little children and the wisdom-filled murmuring of the elders as they sit beneath the trees and on the surrounding rocks in dappled sunlight sharing hunting stories and waiting for the night fires to light up before an evening under the stars; exchanging ancient traditional lore and planning the next day’s hunt. This is …

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Mubukuwne - Spirit of Place Statement

Stand just a few kilometres south of Bulawayo City centre and soak up the atmosphere and imagine the area as it was over 100 years ago, with ox wagons and their teams of oxen outspanned in the dry red dust and now final resting place of some of the country’s earliest settlers. What a rugged life they must have led, …

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Sebakwe Poort - Spirit of Place Statement

Meander through an area of natural and unspoiled woodland comprising a large number of species of indigenous trees, including many fine specimens of several different Acacia species and watch the Sebakwe River flowing through the Sebakwe Poort (gorge): it is an impressive sight.

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Fort Gomo Kadzamu - Spirit of Place Statement

Sit in a small stone fort located at the top of a gomo (hill in Shona) that is typical of the many fortifications in the eastern half of Zimbabwe. Part of the Nyanga Cultural Tradition these lowland forts were associated with the Shona Dynasties that postdate the Great Zimbabwe Culture. Be thrilled when you see the small wall enclosing the …

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If you are visiting any National Trust properties, please be generous with photographs of your visit and share them with us for inclusion on our Facebook page or website with names and comments! If you have the time and are able to print an A4 sheet with “THIS PLACE MATTERS” on it, we would love the photographs of you at any one of the NTZ properties you may be visiting, holding the sign, which we will put on our website and Facebook to share with our National Trust friends the world over!!


We have lovely strong cloth carry-bags for sale – NATIONAL TRUST OF ZIMBABWE – ideal for carrying books to your book club/library, or for that little bit of shopping – or knitting!