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‘To act as custodians of those properties of cultural heritage and natural beauty held in trust and maintain them for the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe as a legacy for future generations’.




VOL 2 OF 2016




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 Membership and reciprocity

 Members, please do not forget that you are welcome at the Tree Society meetings, as well as Birdlife Zimbabwe meetings/outings following our reciprocity agreements with both Societies. The two Societies newsletters will also be forwarded to our NTZ members. All dates/times and contact details are published in the Ndeipi magazine.

Members are very welcome at History Society meetings, venues and topics/presenters are advertised is the Ndeipi magazines.

The NTZ audited accounts for 2015 are available, you can either download from the NTZ website or email hyslop@mango.zw if you wish to have a copy e-mailed to you.



To Norma Keatley, a very big thank-you for her kind donation of a sea-shell collection for La Rochelle, to add to the growing collection we have in a display case at the Centre.

And to Steve GRAVES in the UK, who has very kindly donated a number of old books (one dated 1905) to the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition library. Many thanks, Steve – much appreciated.

**Edone Ann LOGAN and Rob BURRETT have produced a remarkable little booklet on the Nyanga area, history, culture and tourism included. It is available for $5 per booklet from either David Scott (Harare contact) on telephone number 0712 405 548 or Edone Ann/RNHE at Nyanga on 0774 459 477 - mobile 0774 459 477 ; email: leecrofts@bsatt.com**



LA ROCHELLE: The property continues to gain much support and praise from all visitors and work is underway to organise various events to attract a wider range of visitors who will view this property not only for its aesthetic appeal but also it’s historical importance for the people of Zimbabwe.


For all enquiries and bookings please contact:

With generous support from a donor, the tropical area in the Dell has been cleaned up and the waterways have been cleared and the section is looking amazing!

Please read this very good account from a recent visitor:-




And here we have a FIRST for our newsletter – thank you to our Chairman, David SCOTT for this comprehensive report and photos of the elusive FORT GOMO!!!!!



On the morning of 26th April 2016, after a good breakfast on the veranda at La Rochelle,

Alistair White (a temporary employee of La Rochelle Country House) and I set out to find Fort Gomo, a National Trust of Zimbabwe site in the Penhalonga area of Zimbabwe (Eastern Highlands region).

Before long, Alistair decided to show me the first nursing services site established in the country. This is a short drive off the Penhalonga Road, very near the start of Penhalonga residences. This is the commemorative plaque at the site:

This is a lovely spot for visitors to La Rochelle to visit and very easy to locate and drive close to. The GPS reading is: (still to extract from my Garmin!!).

There are lovely trees and a small bench looking out over the valley below:


We returned down the hill and travelled down the main road east towards Penhalonga. At the start of Penhalonga alongside the road there is a memorial to the people who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914-8:

We continued through Penhalonga and approximately 20 kilometres beyond there to reach the turn off to Small Bridge Dam. We continued past that turn off along the main road a further 800m’s (approximately) to find a lay-bye on the left of the main road (with concrete benches) where we parked. We looked up to the front and right of the parking and across the road, saw the ruins of Fort Gomo on a small rise alongside the road. We crossed the road and climbed the small hill, a very easy ascent. The area is slightly over-grown but easily traversed. The first sight is the small wall enclosing the summit with a door with a stone lintel:

We entered the summit of the hill to find an area of approximately 20m’s in diameter, with (slightly damaged) built walls on the south and west sides.


The north and east sides of the summit have steep slopes with evidence of a few small areas of built walls. The 360 degree views from the summit, in all directions, are very pleasant:

Along the tar road, just beyond the Fort Gomo site is a gravel road to the right which one can also use to get to the base of Fort Gomo by turning right there and travelling about 300m’s up that gravel road & turning right onto a small track that leads to the base of Fort Gomo.

There is evidence at the end of that access track of where the NTZ sign must have been located previously at the end of this track. New signage would be required.

The Fort Gomo location, lay-bye and the gravel road intersection is clearly shown in this Google Map image:

The summit has tree cover and would be pleasant for a short stop and perhaps a picnic:

We experienced a very pleasant trip through extremely scenic areas and spots. Penhalonga and its surrounding valleys have a rich history from both pre- and post-colonial times.

The first hotel built in Penhalonga in 1896 

The trip and Fort Gomo is well worth a visit by people passing through the area or staying at La Rochelle.

 J Scott/Alistair White - 26 April 2016




On the 23rd April 2016, the members at Worlds View, Connemara and Nyanga, together with members of the Executive Committee from Harare, met at Worlds View to inaugurate the newly built little Art Gallery housing an exhibition of landscapes and floral scenes by local artists, toilet block and newly landscaped garden at the site. The cutting of the ribbon was done by our Chairman’s lovely wife, Shirley Scott and drinks and snacks were enjoyed by all in the bright sunshine outside the art gallery – now named the “Gill Honeyman Gallery”, after Gill, who is the Chairman of Worlds View and a resident at Worlds View who does an amazing job of landscaping the area and propagating plants, together with her very knowledgeable gardener Matinara. The event was followed by a delicious lunch with the local members at Gill’s home, set in the natural and indigenous landscape from which she has created a most delightful garden.

The newly inaugurated GILL HONEYMAN ART GALLERY



An email received from a recent visitor to Worlds View and Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition reads:

“In early May I had the pleasure of visiting Nyanga, and staying at Connemara. I visited World’s View a number of times, and am writing to express my gratitude to the team working there. It was looking so much better than when I last visited some years ago; obvious care and lots of hours of labour.

I also visited the Rhodes Museum, and again was impressed with its ongoing development.

In both places, good clean bathrooms, and tidy grounds.

Both visits a real highlight. Thank-you to all involved” Gavin Stephens (CA) Z

Please feel free to write to us to tell us of your visits and experiences at any of our properties, positive or otherwise, so that we may improve where necessary. (Email us on hyslop@mango.zw)


Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition


A number of items have been donated which are always a welcome addition and boost to the existing collection. All donations are much appreciated and acknowledged, as they go towards building what is already a fine collection of memorabilia and history of the area.


Following our gathering at Worlds View on the 23rd April – we met the following day for an Executive Committee Meeting at Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition, which has been greatly boosted by a lot of care and attention over the past two years and is looking very ‘professional’. An enormous THANK YOU to Edone Ann Logan who has been the driving force behind getting the Exhibition into the excellent state it is now in, and to the many very kind and generous donors who have both lent, and given, many artefacts and memorabilia to the Exhibition.


Our Chairman David Scott, with Edone Ann Logan of the Nyanga Committee.

MURAWHA’S HILL – Nothing to report


 Clearing of the invasive weed, LANTANA, is now underway and with the help of Rob Burrett and Mrs Hugill in Bulawayo we will be able to continue work on this historical property in order to attract more visitors for walks and picnics, birding outings. Plans are also proposed to have a cultural village exhibition at the site for the benefit of school children to visit and learn of the local cultural history.


Registration has opened for the 17th INTO Conference which will be held in Bali. The NTZ is planning to have representation at this event, having represented Zimbabwe at the last four INTO Conferences, Dublin Ireland, Victoria Canada, Kampala Uganda and Cambridge U.K. It is the perfect forum to get Zimbabwe on the ‘international heritage map’ and to meet and interact with the many representatives from all over the world who have the protection of our combined historical and cultural heritage at heart. See https://into-icnt.org/ It is hoped that the NTZ will send at least two representatives to this event.



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