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Support us today. The NTZ is a voluntary organisation and donations are a critical part of making our work happen. You can help us by supporting one or more of the specific property related projects listed below. Click on the property name to read more about the property. You can make your contribution by mailing a cheque to: National Trust of Zimbabwe, Attn: Mr. J. Hyslop, 30 Hawkeshead Drive, Borrowdale, Zimbabwe or donate online by using the PayNow facility. Please indicate on your cheque or when paying via PayNow which property you wish to support.

  • Fort Gomo –  to produce and install a NTZ plaque with a short history of the structures of this nature in that area, providing road access and providing a picnic area with benches in order to attract and increase the visitor experience  of the site.
  • La Rochelle – to build an educational walk-in bird and butterfly house, a fresh-water aquarium and a children’s animal area for them to touch, learn and relate to nature and animals. These facilities are primarily targeted at school visits and attracting younger guests and visitors to the property.
  • Mabukuwene – to build a culturally and environmentally sensitive educational interpretive centre. These facilities are primarily targeted at school visits with consideration of legal requirements for schools in the area to have access to a cultural centre.
  • Murawha’s Hill – to build a culturally and environmentally sensitive educational interpretive centre and the construction of perimeter fencing to reduce social pressures and environmental degradation of the site.
  • Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition – to improve and enlarge present exhibits in the museum, complete the new section in the Petheram Loft with displays of interest and educational value to both visitors and students. Continue with the programme of encouraging schools to establish and encourage Heritage Education programmes.
  • Sebakwe Poort – to produce and install a NTZ plaque with a short history and special bird life to be found around the area, providing a picnic area site and a security boom gate at the entrance in order to attract and increase the visitor experience of the site.
  • Worlds View – to complete the final section of a much needed perimeter fence in order to reduce environmental degradation by grazing cattle.
  • Sponsorship of a professional part-time Bursar/Secretary/General Administrative officer, along with a  computer and printer, to run an office and assist in managing and centralising NTZ’s affairs and records.
  • Sponsorship/Partnership to create 3 unique and historical documentaries based on the life and legacy of Sir Stephen and Lady Virginia Courtauld who so generously bequeathed their country estate, La Rochelle, to the National Trust in 1972:

    Documentary number 1: The story of the Courtauld’s and their love for art, culture, music and beauty, but most of all their incredible philanthropic generosity, foresight and empathy. The documentary  will be compiled from interviews with people who have been in some way connected with the Courtauld’s, interspersed with newsreel footage, photographic material from the past, press cuttings and live action.

    Documentary number 2: Will be an in depth look at the last home of Sir Stephen and Lady Courtauld. The history and story of their estate, La Rochelle, to include their collections of art and coins and historical signatures engraved on the windows, gardens and one of the finest and rarest collections of exotic orchids in Southern Africa.

    Documentary number 3: A fine arts documentary about how the Courtauld’s collected Shona stone sculptures and how they became involved in supporting the artists and promoting them and their work. Recent research work sponsored by the Trust led to the discovery of the formerly unknown Shona sculptor Jonathan Matimba whose historical collection is now on display at the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition, another all important historical NTZ property, Matimba being one of the three sculptors having been identified as the possible maker of the sculpture at La Rochelle.

    By working with such archival materials, including material in the National Gallery, and information that might emerge during filming, NTZ hopes to find things out about this sculpture and Zimbabwean art history that we would not have otherwise ever known. This would add an interesting dimension to our national story considering the otherwise extraordinary scope of the Courtauld’s European art collection.

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