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  • The NTZ wins the International National Trust Organisation Small Grants Programe Award
    In 2014 the NTZ decided to undertake an innovative, experimental pilot project for school children to “re-discover their living traditions and identify their cultural roots”. The project focused on heritage education management and based on community participation in terms of their time and materials and provided capacity building for school teachers. A copy of “The ...
  • The NTZ is selected to host the Inaugural Pan Africa Forum Conference
    At the 2015 International Conference National Trust held in Cambridge, UK  the Africa Regional Forum was established, the NTZ is a full time member and holds the current Chair. The vision, mission statement, terms of reference and aims of the INTO Africa Forum are as follows: Vision A vibrant network of African Heritage Organisations, who are active in ...
  • THE 17th International Conference National Trusts
    “OUR CULTURAL HERITAGE, THE KEY TO ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY” September 11-15, 2017                                   With the tagline “Our Cultural Heritage, the Key to Environmental Sustainability”, the 17th International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT 17) 2017 expects to bring together 200 + delegates from across ...


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