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INTO logo CMYK (+)The NTZ is part of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) which is a non-governmental group founded in 2007. INTO was established to promote the conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage of all nations for the benefit of the people of the world. INTO has close links with organizations such as: UNESCO, UNEP, ICOMOS, IUCN and Europa Nostra.

Currently, INTO represents about 6.5 million individual members and countless millions of visitors to sites and properties across more than 25 counties.

INTO is actively involved in various initiatives including conserving and enhancing existing built resources, most notably by the viable re-use of historic and older buildings, greening of existing building stock, and reinvestment in older and historic communities and managing land in a sustainable way.

– Reciprocity:  The NTZ enjoys reciprocity with the National Trusts in the United Kingdom, Guernsey, Jersey, Barbados, Ireland, Malaysia, Bahamas, Bermuda and New Zealand and with the Australian Council of National Trusts, the Stichting het Vrienden der Geldersche Kasteelen and Stichting het Geldersch Landscape in the Netherlands.  Trust members enjoy free admission to the numerous properties of the National Trusts in those countries.


AcumenOur smart partner is Acumen:

Following the death of Virginia Courtauld in 1972, La Rochelle estate was bequeathed to the NTZ and it was leased for use as a Hotel. The condition of the property has been declining over the last two decades due to the severe lack of funding available for maintenance of the buildings and gardens. The tourism and hotel business in Zimbabwe has been in steep decline for several years now and therefore the hotel was not generating enough rental income for the NTZ to pay for the necessary repairs.

NTZ want and need to restore the commercial viability and sustainability of the property held in Trust to ensure its continued maintenance for the foreseeable future and to reduce its reliance on funding from the NTZ. The NTZ understands that restoration, maintenance and development of the property will require a long term financial arrangement which the Trust is unable to secure and have thus approached Acumen Africa to assist them in restoration of the La Rochelle asset.

The combined vision for La Rochelle is a financially and environmentally sustainable centre of education, culture and arts, leveraging the historical, architectural and natural legacy of the Courtaulds.




The NTZ would like to acknowledge that it has received funding from the following generous organisations, for which is it very much appreciative:

Beit Trust Beit Trust



and the

Don Grainger Memorial Trust Don Grainger Memorial Trust



and the

Austrian GovernmentAustralian Embassy, Harare for building works at the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition





CCC LogoChange Canada Consultants – this website was designed and created and is hosted by Change Canada Consultants – a group of National Trust volunteers based in British Columbia, Canada – as an in-kind donation in support of the National Trust of Zimbabwe.




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