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  • The National Trust of Zimbabwe turns 61 years young today!
    “Heritage is precious: treasure it” We are proud of what we have achieved over the past 61 years and we are still working hard to protect and improve the beautiful sites that we are privileged to manage. We would like to thank all our members for their continued support and to all our colleagues and friends world ...
  • Much more than great coffee!
    If you are visiting Nyanga this long holiday weekend we invite you to try our new pop up coffee experience at World View: Our brand new Froggy Farm Coffee Box offering Good Coffee, Good Food and Good Vibes! Enjoy a delicious bacon and cheese croissant whilst admiring the view from 2,000 metres. Coffee has never tasted ...
  • New: The Hide at World’s View
    We are super pleased to say that our latest development to be completed is our new bird viewing platform, affectionately known as The Hide. An enclosed, wind and rain proof little building, sunk into the cliff side. The most spectacular place to sit in comfort and wait and watch for the birds of prey to fly ...
  • Tributes to Mr Aubrey Logan
    Aubrey Logan Tributes from the National Trust Executive Council It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Aubrey Hamish Logan on February 26th, 2021, in Zambia. Aubrey was born in Bulawayo in 1934. His father, Hamish, was farming in Nyamandhlovu but moved to the Shamva area in Mashonaland in 1938.  Aubrey was educated ...
  • New: INTO ‘Passport to Places’ Scheme
    The National Trust of Zimbabwe (NTZ) has been a member of the International National Trusts Organisation, (INTO) for a number of years now. INTO is the umbrella body for the worldwide family of heritage organisations, which come together to share experience, ideas and resources; to grow the capacity of existing trusts and establish new trusts ...
  • The Beauty of Worlds View
    We invite to you watch a few videos taken of the beautiful Worlds View site which is set high on a hill that affords stunning views of the surrounding landscape. From an altitude of 2000m the escarpment drops 600m to the plain below. Enjoy seeing the sweeping panoramic views, the majestic Mount Nyamatoro and the “Protea ...
  • Christmas Carols at World’s View, Nyanga, on Christmas Eve
     An enormous “Thank you” to our team at World’s View, Nyanga, Gill Honeyman and Guy Cary. Guy led the singing of 11 well selected carols and gave a beautiful explanation of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ (one day at a time between each carol) – brilliant! The Worlds View choir sang two Shona Christmas songs at the ...
  • Seasons Greetings
    The National Trust of Zimbabwe would like to wish you and your family a wonderful festive season and a New Year filled with peace, health, happiness and heritage.  

We are very pleased to share the latest good news about our:  La Rochelle Garden Restoration Project  

We have made good progress on the restoration of the Dell garden this year. Many of our guests that have                      come to the garden, have commented on its transformation over the last couple of years. I find that it is                          once again the main attraction for guests who come to La Rochelle. The beauty of being involved in a                              project such as this, is seeing what was accomplished last year blossom into something people can                                  enjoy today.

Mr Kevin Martin, Estate Manager

The Nursery and Orchid Centre that was refurbished last year is looking better and better with each month that passes.  Koi fish have been bought for one of the ponds and goldfish for another. The goldfish have started breading and we will be able to stock other ponds from this. We have completed the toilet block at the Nursery. This has wheel chair access and has drinking water for garden visitors. The orchids have done well this year since the houses have been restored. The greatest impact is seen on the Phalaenopsis and Cattleya that are in the glass and heated houses. We have been inviting schools and orphanages to visit and be taught basic knowledge on plants and trees.

See photos below of Nursery and Orchid Centre

orchid-houseWe have made good progress on the restoration of the Dell garden this year. Many of our guests that have come to the garden, have commented on its transformation over the last couple of years. I find that it is once again the main attraction for guests who come to La Rochelle. The beauty of being involved in a project such as this, is seeing what was accomplished last year blossom into something people can enjoy today. I       orchid-3

orchid    orchid-4

Hillcrest School grade 5                                                  Riverside School grade 1 and 2

kids-and-plants           kids-in-garden

Restoration of the Dell

This year we have been working on the Dell. To help in doing this we have rebuilt the tractor trailer. This has been most helpful on the project and other areas of La Rochelle.

The Aloe and Cycad Garden

In the aloe and cycad garden we have removed many trees that had come up in amongst the aloes and were over shading them. Unfortunately this damaged many of the Aloes. The damaged plants have been used as our propagation material for replanting. The underground irrigation has also been repaired. We have mulched this whole area to improve water retention and the soils and will be replanting this area with the coming rains.

Before                                                                                                             After

before                                    after

Aloes and Cycads cleared of weeds and mulched

aloes                               aloes-and-steps


Area around the dam

We have built a bridge to the island where we have placed a bench. It’s a lovely quiet place to go sit and watch the birds. We also restored the row boat for use on the dam. This has been an entertaining addition to our activities. Since January we have started feeding the fish in the dam. We  hope that we will be able to offer fishing as an activity soon. We have repaired the retaining walls that were collapsing on the steep banks around the dam. Soil retaining plants have been planted on the banks in large swathes that we hope will give quite a good impression. The dam is still leaking badly when it gets over three quarters full. We have had the water engineer that advised using the plastic membrane originally, come and look at it. He has advised that it will not be too difficult to repair and explained how to do it, we are working on a quote to repair it.

dam            dam-and-bridge


Work started on repairing the paving through the garden.  We estimate that there is about 9km of paving throughout the garden and we have completed about a quarter of it so far. We are reusing as much of the existing paving as possible but are also relaying new concrete in sections.

new-paving                      paving

Benches and Dustbins

There were no dustbins in the garden and rubbish has always been a problem. We made 18 new metal dustbins and placed them through the garden.

The existing benches were refurbished and new ones were made bringing the total to 26. We also used logs, from trees that were removed from the garden, to make natural benches.



We have rebuilt the gazebo at the top of the garden. The size was increased so that the area inside was practical. A view has been opened up along the river and this is now a favourite spot for visitors. Gardens in this area will be replanted with the coming rains.

gazebo          new-gazebo

Tree surgery

There were a lot of dead trees and branches that we have removed most of now. Trees have been removed where they were overshadowing other rare trees. This has allowed a lot of much needed light in.


We have repaired two of the four lines of underground piping and garden taps on this side of the garden. These get water from the water furrow. As a backup, we have also made allowance to connect them to the borehole water supply.

A lot of shrubs and ground covers have been propagated in the nursery. These we have collected from people in Mutare who have kindly opened up their gardens for to us to collect planting material from. We eagerly await the rains when we can begin replanting the garden.

Thank you to the hardworking and very dedicated Estate Manager and all his team, all of the restoration was only made possible by a very generous donor that the NTZ is enourmously appreciative of.

NEW: Publication

We are very pleased to announce that publication of a very comprehensive booklet entitiled “Nyanga’s Rich Heritage”by Khami Press, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  The booklet has been co-edited by Mrs Edone Anne Logan, Chairperson of the NTZ Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition, and Mr Robert Burrett, Archeologist and Historian, who spent a considerable amount of time compiling the information. The main aims of this booklet are to inform Zimbabweans and overseas visitors  on the many and varied aspects of the rich natural and social heritage of this area, and through knowledge and interest encourage a sense of pride and a wish to preserve this heritage.   It is the authors hope that  the booklet, which includes many historical black and white photographs,  will  serve as a historical reference for those interested in Nyanga – particularly the early pre-history period. Proceeds from sales of the booklet will assist with generating funds for the Rhodes Nyanga Exhibition where it will be sold.

Nyanga Rich Heritage

The booklet has 100 A5 pages, the contents include the following chapter headings:

  • Nyanga : our home
  • Geography
  • Our Natural Heritage
  • Our Archeological Heritage
  • Community History
  • The Anti-Colonial Struggle
  • The Nyanga National Park
  • Some Nyanga Hotels : a little History
  • Nyanga Churches and Missions
  • Driving to Nyanga: a Roadside Guide for the Visitor. The latter a detailed description of the way from Rusape to beyond Nyanga town.

The booklet is available at the cost of USD$5.00 from the following people:

  • Nyanga: Edone Ann Logan Email: Tel: +263774459477
  • Edgar Nyagwaya Email: Tel: +263772974681
  • Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition
  • Nyanga National Parks Office
  • Rhodes Hotel and Montclair Hotel
  • La Rochelle Boutique Hotel
  • Harare: Dave Scott Email: Tel: +263772572966
  • The bookshop at the Hub, Chisipite
  • Rosanne Kenny Email: Tel: +263772328193
  • Bulawayo: Rob Burrett Email:

Other Publications:

Mr Rob Burret is also the author of a series of cultural and social hisotical booklets that are all available from the at the same cost USD$5.00 each:

  • Nyanga’s Rich Heritage
  • Khami World Heritage Site
  • Great Zimbabwe
  • Bulawayo Heritage (Focus on the town)
  • Ironspine & Ribs (History of Rhodesian Railways & NRZ)
  • Bulawayo Memories (Focus on regional monuments and historical places)

Postage Rates for the booklets from Zimbabwe is as follows:

  • Southern Africa $3.50
  • UK & Europe $5.00
  • Rest of the World $6.50 (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia)
  • Zimbabwe $1.00

Subject to rates applicable. Please confirm first with Rob Burrett on


New Travel Article posted

Please see link below for a recent review of La Rochelle Country House Estate compiled by a travel writer:



World Heritage Day: 18th April

World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind. Protecting and preserving this valuable asset demands the collective efforts of the international community. This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability.

On 18 April 1982 on the occasion of a symposium organised by ICOMOS in Tunisia, the holding of the “International Day for Monuments and Sites” to be celebrated simultaneously throughout the world was suggested. This project was approved by the Executive Committee who provided practical suggestions to the National Committees on how to organise this day.

The idea was also approved by the UNESCO General Conference who passed a resolution at its 22nd session in November 1983 recommending that Member States examine the possibility of declaring 18 April each year “International Monuments and Sites Day”. This has been traditionally called the World Heritage Day and it affords an opportunity to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it.

As part of this years heritage celebrations The new Chairman, Dame Fiona Reynolds, gave a lecture on the threats and opportunities facing heritage across the globe and you can read it here:

World Heritage Day speech (15 04 16 4pm)

You can also read the INTO State of Global Heritage report here:

“The long-term sustainability of cultural heritage depends on ensuring its use and developing local support. Without heritage being valued and protected, it will become irrelevant and disappear.”

Taboroff, 2002.

State of Global Heritage NTO 2016




National Trust of Zimbabwe
National Trust of Zimbabwe
National Trust of Zimbabwe
Aubrey Logan Tributes from the National Trust Executive Council
It is with sadness that we report the passing of Aubrey Hamish Logan on February 26th, 2021, in Zambia.

Aubrey was born in Bulawayo in 1934. His father, Hamish, was farming in Nyamandhlovu but moved to the Shamva area in Mashonaland in 1938. Aubrey was educated at Bindura School and St. George‘s College, and then joined his father on Golden Star Farm in a mixed farming operation. In 1962 Aubrey married Edone Ann Petheram and built a home on The Range, an extension to Golden Star. Later Aubrey’s son Rory, and son-in-law Lawrie Brown, joined him, and with the support of the girls, Caren, Lynn and Zanne, expanded the farming enterprise, adding a considerable acreage of irrigated horticultural crops.

Aubrey was a member of the Porte Valley Farmers’ Assn., serving as Chairman for a number of years, and represented Shamva on the Cattle Producers’ Assn. He was a member of the Lower Mazoe/Pote River Board, and was involved in the construction of Masembura and Arcadia dams, and the Lower Mazoe Sugar Project.
Aubrey served as an Elder in St. John’s Church, Shamva. His faith was strong.
A keen horseman, Aubrey played polo for Bindura, and in the early ‘80s established the Shamva Polocrosse Club, providing many of the beginners with mounts.
Being a great believer in the importance of recording history, Aubrey assisted the family in compiling a social history of Shamva entitled “Glimpses of the Past”. Later, when the couple moved to a plot in Juliasdale, he became involved in the Rhodes Museum (Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition), and served on the Committee for eight years, before moving to Harare in 2020 to live closer to the family.

Aubrey is survived by his three children, Caren, Rory and Rosanne and their families, including seven grandchildren and one great grandson. He led an eventful and rewarding life, inspiring others to move on after loss and sadness, and appreciate family and friends, the blessings which are most important in life.
Under the veil of a happy and welcoming friend, Aubrey was a very knowledgeable gentleman who had exceptional gifts and a sincere compassion towards helping those in need.

Although he suffered longstanding leg disabilities that restricted his movements, he waived these aside in order to conquer incredible achievements in a cool and collected manner.
He always remained totally supportive of his wife’s (Edone Ann) passion for all things Museum related and showed admirable spirit as a teamworker, being a most helpful and steadfast Committee Member. Aubrey’s enormous contribution to the establishment and development of Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition is indeed praiseworthy. He will be sorely missed.
Merle Moore

Aubrey- An amazing man whose wit and ever unique laughter I will fondly miss. Had grown to like his presence at RNHE meetings, his love for Heritage, and his exceptional support for Edone. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Willie Dhlandhlara

A very sad loss to the Nyanga and surrounding community, Aubrey will be sadly missed by the National Trust of Zimbabwe and we will always remember his steadfast contribution and support to the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition through his commitment alongside his wife, Edone, to whom my most heartfelt sympathies go.
Lin Goncalves

I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Aubrey. My thoughts and condolences go to Edone and the all the family.
I had the privilege of meeting Aubrey at the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Museum some 10 years ago. He was a very active member of the Museum Committee. The museum was very close to his heart and his many contributions to the Museum will not be forgotten such as the extension of the museum up into the loft, establishing the Don Grainger room, and wagon shed. He also donated many items to the exhibition, including farm equipment from his farming life.
Aubrey was never happier than when he was restoring equipment and machines back to their former glory. I know that his favourite area at the museum was the wagon shed. At the end of 2019 he generously donated a Portable Steam Engine. It was moved, with great difficulty, from Juliasdale to the museum. The sheer thought of doing such a thing is inspirational, it had to be pulled by a tractor on some of its journey. Aubrey renovated and painted the engine, which was exported from the UK to South Africa in 1903 and pulled by oxen up to the Bindura district of Rhodesia in 1904. The engine proudly sits in the Wagon Shed, next to the Ox Wagon.
I remember fondly one evening when I stayed with Edone and Aubrey, such welcoming hosts at their home in Juliasdale. Aubrey and I sat around a lovely warm log fire drinking red wine and talking so easily on many subjects.
I shall miss Aubrey and his kindness, humour, quiet strength, his positiveness and twinkling blue eyes. May you rest in peace Aubrey, you will be greatly missed by a great deal of people.
Sharon Waterworth

We are all at a loss after the passing of Aubrey recently, personally and at The National Trust of Zimbabwe.
Aubrey was an absolute gentleman in every sense of the word, he befriended all who he met and he worked tirelessly with Edone on NTZ affairs, helping shape the Rhodes Nyanga National Trust Historical Exhibition into the wonderful museum facility that exists today. The exhibits include the small bed he slept in as a youngster up to some of his large refurbished farm machinery on display today.
We experienced the Logan family hospitality at their lovely home near Montclair on more than one occasion. Aubrey was always happy to host friends at their home and he made you feel completely at home there.
Unfortunately, we only knew Aubrey for too few years, but we are all the richer for knowing him and privileged to have worked with him on NTZ affairs.
We shall cherish the memories of Aubrey and all that he achieved in his lifetime and sincerely appreciate his passion, commitment and services to his wider community.
David Scott

Aubrey was always a delight to spend time with and I always came away from the Logan's with a smile from the wonderful tales he told me of his farming days. He loved his horses and polo crosse days and we spent many a happy hour recounting things and equine events in our lives. I shall miss his wonderful sense of humor.
Pixie Hallowes

Of all the remarkable people I have met and got to know over ten years of living in Juliasdale, there is no one person I came to admire and respect more than Aubrey Logan.
Ever the welcoming and generous host, Aubrey displayed a selfless and unpretentious wisdom and encyclopedic knowledge of so many things – in particular, elderly machines, from a simple Cape cart to a swanky 1970s’ Chevrolet coupé, along with bygone farming days in this country – and so we clicked, as we did with a laughing love of old-school hymns in church.
There was always a whiff of the workshop under Aubrey’s fingernails: he was truly a never-defeated mechanical magician. While others wandered off to admire Edone Ann’s lovely garden, I would sit disciple-like, mesmerised by Aubrey’s accounts of rebuilding an ancient Galion grader engine, or trying to find the missing part of a cream separator. To me, he was a humbling, bottomless well whose waters he so willingly shared – embarrassingly often diluting our brandies beside a log fire. What a man!
But it is in a National-Trust-of-Zimbabwe context that we most devoutly salute this wonderful man right now. As we know, it was Edone Ann’s vision and drive to fulfill her own father’s determination to see the long dreamed-of Rhodes Museum through to a vibrant, lasting existence. Yet behind that astonishing throne of accomplishment was a silent, rarely-noticed, essential force: Aubrey.
Today and forever, as we run our eyes over a hand-painted steam-engine, an ox-wagon, a now obsolete horse-drawn harrow, a paraffin fridge or simply the replaced rungs of a memorial bench, we are – knowingly or not – recognising Aubrey’s love for, and patient devotion to, the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition: the only dedicated museum of its kind in Zimbabwe.
Neither the National Trust of Zimbabwe, nor any of us, will fail to remember Aubrey Logan’ legacy.
Guy Cary

A much valued friend to us and indeed to the Trust. His sense of proportion was an inspiration, not to mention an unbounded source of anecdotes of yesteryear. Withal, a great sense of humour as well.
A gentleman whom we shall not forget. Our sincerest condolences to Edone and the Family.
John and Charles Hyslop

Aubrey certainly did lead a full and wonderful life. He was such a warm man. I will always be grateful for his and Edone's hospitality at their cottage in Nyanga and will cherish the memories. I felt so at ease around Aubrey. He made one feel so naturally at ease and I fondly remember his affectionate and easy going manner and how he supported Edone in her work. Most especially I'll remember having breakfast with them and the laughter and tea on the porch. I didn't know Aubrey well but it felt somehow that I'd known him for a long time.
Dr Jonathan Zilberg
National Trust of Zimbabwe
National Trust of Zimbabwe
The National Trust of Zimbabwe is looking for interested Zimbabwe resident VOLUNTEERS to join our Executive Committee. We are looking for people with a keen interest in our local history and heritage, cultural and natural resources preservation who can 'bring something to the table' in order to help us with our preservation and education goals. Please in-box us if you are keen!
National Trust of Zimbabwe
National Trust of Zimbabwe
There is nothing quite like Zimbabwe's eastern highlands area for a wide range of attractions from just chilling, or admiring the most spectacular views, to the exhilarating sky-walk, or taking in the wonderful legacy and history of the National Trust of Zimbabwe's own La Rochelle at Penhalonga...go on, treat yourself!
National Trust of Zimbabwe
National Trust of Zimbabwe
The World's View choir sang Shona Christmas carols much enjoyed by the guests
National Trust of Zimbabwe
National Trust of Zimbabwe
National Trust of Zimbabwe
An enormous "Thank you" to our team at World's View, Nyanga, Gill Honeyman.....and Guy Cary. From Gill: "Guy led the singing of 11 well selected carols and gave a beautiful explanation of the '12 Days of Christmas' (one day at a time between each carol) - brilliant!. The the Stead grandchildren (playing sax, trumpet and flute) played background music from the toposcope before and after and while the mince pies were being handed out at the end."

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