Get Involved



The future of Zimbabwe’s natural and cultural heritage depends on us.  If we want to see these treasures protected for future generations, then we must act now.

NTZ’s mandate is to create opportunities and encourage people to get directly involved in protecting the special places in our communities and across the country that are important to them.  There are several ways for you to get involved and make a difference:


Become a Member of the National Trust of Zimbabwe

Become a member of the Trust today and add your voice and your support to our efforts to protect sites of historical and cultural importance and and areas of natural beauty both here in Zimbabwe and around the world.  To become a member, please click here.


Volunteer your time, energy and skill

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Trust.  We could not accomplish any of our work without the tremendous support of our dedicated volunteers.  There are many opportunities that arise for people to be able to get directly involved in a “hands-on” way.  If you have expertise to offer, that’s great, but your time, energy, dedication and passion are equally as important.  Click here for more details.


Visit our Properties

Nothing inspires us more than visiting the sites we have protected, learning more about their important values, and why they have been protected for future generations to enjoy just as we do today.  To learn more about our properties, please click here.




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