Connemara Lakes – taken facing east from the summit of Nyamutoro (World’s View Mountain), Mozambique can be seen in the far distance

Most annual reports these days start with the woes that Covid has brought. It may have brought a small down-turn in the number of visitors to World’s View but those that did make the journey up the winding road to the site were rewarded to find the property open, fully staffed and looking as glorious as ever.  We continue to open our gates at 8am and only close them when the sun has set, and the last visitors have packed their cooler boxes to start the decent.  Over the last number of years, the National Trust has made great improvements to the site, making it now one of the main tourist attractions in the district. Foreign dignitaries are often spotted (because of the bodyguards that accompany them!) We did manage to persuade the President of the Republic of Palau, Surgangel Whipps Jr., to sign our visitor’s book on a recent visit.

We had the pleasure of hosting the wedding of Tendai and Trishi Mutunduwe in October. The ceremony and cake cutting took place on one of our lawns and the reception party was held later in the afternoon at a private residence.  It was a beautiful day, the rain held off and the happy couple were radiant.  We wish them a long and happy married life together and look forward to the years ahead when they will return with their children and grandchildren to remember this very special occasion in the most beautiful setting in Zimbabwe.

The ceremony was held under a crisp white gazebo on one of the lower lawns

Tendai and Trishi on their wedding day at World’s View

The fabulous wedding cake with tree ferns silhouetted against the evening sky






 The View has also become a favourite place for musicians to come and record their latest songs using the amazing view and colourful gardens as a backdrop for their productions. If anyone knows who this handsome young man and his model are, please let us know – he may be famous one day!

Spectacular view from the Hide

The Hide, which was commissioned last year, has become a very popular spot for those wishing for privacy and shelter from the natural elements, enjoying spectacular scenery and the ever-present birds of prey

Garth and Lesanne Fowler, a young couple who have recently revived Froggy Farm and Kiosk in Juliasdale, delivered a converted and refurbished horse box – known as the Coffee Box – where visitors can enjoy a welcome hot beverage and a delicious snack.  We wish them well in their new ventures and hope that the logistics of keeping the Coffee Box well stocked does not deter them from continuing to serve our visitors and keep the World’s View Coffee Box open for all to enjoy.

The first customers – our two dedicated caretakers, Noel and Luke Kanera, about to enjoy some well-deserved toasted sandwiches

Even though we strictly maintain our firebreaks on an annual basis the wind on the plateau can be ‘gale force’ at times and unfortunately a fire that was sweeping across the western boundary of the adjacent Connemara Estate, jumped the road and caused some heartbreaking damage to the property.  Thick smoke and the high winds made it impossible to continue fighting the fire as it swept up the slopes of Nyamutoro and around the lower slopes to the Hide.  Hundreds of aloes that we planted and been nurturing for years and over 1km of wooden fencing were destroyed.

The Sculptors’ Gazebo was razed to the ground and a lot of their stone carvings were destroyed, but we were lucky to save the caretakers’ cottage and Coffee Box. The loss of the natural grasses and indigenous trees was quite a blow, but we are happy to report that after the rains and some replanting, the area appears to be recovering nicely.


The fire jumped the road and firebreaks, and raged through the thick bush surrounding the staff cottage and the sculpture garden

leaving behind a trail of destruction.

So sad to see the slopes of Nyamutoro on fire and hundreds of aloes burning to a cinder..






The first rains brought new life to the site and regrowth soon took place.  The Sculptor’s Gazebo has been rebuilt and, once again, fully operative.

A number of improvements have been made in addition to rebuilding the Sculptors’ Gazebo and erecting over 1km of new fence-lines after the fire. A turning circle for buses a few meters down the road from the main entrance has been cleared and levelled …… no more buses ‘taking out’ our stone gateposts which we have had to rebuild several times!





We acquired a set of ‘wagon wheels’ a few years ago and, at last, have found the perfect spot, thanks to the fire having cleared a good section of wilderness below the toposcope, and a new seating area on the bush path is now well into the making. Like most developments at the View, it’s a case of ‘design as you build’ and we are never quite sure how it’s going to end up ………….. watch this space!

We were delighted to see the return of Edone Anne Logan in November for the installation of a plaque on the bench that the Trust has built in memory of her late husband, Aubrey Logan. Both Aubrey and Edone played a significant role in keeping the National Trust on the go, in particular the Nyanga Museum, one of our sister sites, where Edone was Chairman for many years.

        Just a few of the many species of mushroom that grow on and around the World’s View site. A true mushroomer’s delight – but only a few are edible and its advisable to get your mushrooms from a reputable local who knows which are suitable for eating.

A local company, operating from a property ‘down the hill’ now have quad bikes for hire. Although initially this brought some adverse comments from local folk concerned about noise and dust, they were, however soon relieved to find just a happy bunch of city folk chugging along at 5mph with eyes like saucers and hands firmly gripping the controls … with the ever-present outrider leading the way. One of the stop-offs for the route is World’s View and we have benefited from the extra revenue that these visitors bring.

Every season has something special to offer and every day and night bring different skies for visitors to gaze upon in wonder.  Above is ‘moonrise’ (top left) and a fantastic electric storm raging over the eastern horizon

Come on up and pay World’s View a visit and see the amazing sights for yourself, there’s so many beautiful places to visit in Nyanga and World’s View is just one of them. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our beautiful Zimbabwe.

Travel safely.

Gill Honeyman








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