Tribute to Charles Douglas Morton Hyslop

19th October 1954 – 29th July 2023

It is with a heavy heart that National Trust of Zimbabwe (NTZ) announce the sudden passing of Charles Douglas Morton Hyslop, from a heart attack at his home with John, his brother by his side, on 29 July 2023.

Charles matriculated at Mount Pleasant High School and then went on for further studies in Accountancy.  In due course he finished his apprenticeship after completing his national service and call up and then left to enter commerce and industry where he held numerous positions before joining Puzey & Payne for 10 years and finally ended up at Farmquip with the Rorke family as Director and Company Secretary for the next 25 years.

He had a tremendous thirst for knowledge and so from his earliest years read voraciously and studied every subject extensively including military literacy and heritage and this led him to join the NTZ.

Charles served as a counsellor and the NTZs Secretary and Accountant for more than 20 years. He was a dedicated, dependable, long serving member of the Executive Council. He prepared al the NTZ financials and monthly reconciliations and annual returns. He also took and the minutes for also most every meeting that we held.   The NTZ salute him for his selfless contribution.

Apart from his work life he liked all things mechanical and so spent many hours in his workshop repairing and fixing almost anything. Charles was an active member of his local community and spent a lot of his time assisting them in various ways, from giving wise advice to giving practical hands on help such as doing the daily school run.

Charles was a humorous man and used to call almost everyone by a funny nickname, he would greet people in Shona and have a short conversation with them, they enjoyed and appreciated the gesture. Now he is at peace they will always have his past words of love, wisdom and advice to remember.

Charles will be greatly missed by all the NTZ family countrywide, his work colleagues, friends, neighbours and his community.

The NTZ members are thinking of John at this difficult time and wish him bravery and strength.




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