Tributes to the late Edone Ann Logan

Edone Ann, Chairman of the RHNE welcoming members of the Matimba Family

NTZ Executive Members Tributes to Edone Ann Logan

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Edone Ann Logan on 1st March 2023, born 8th September 1939.

Members from the Executive Council of The National Trust of Zimbabwe (NTZ) would like to extend their deepest sympathies to all of Edone’s family and friends.

Tributes from the Executive Council:

I would like to pay humble tribute to one of its most influential, passionate, knowledgeable and hardworking members of recent times, without whose involvement, NTZ and particularly the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition (RNHE), would not be anything like it stands today!

On 20 April 2011, in the presence of National Trust members, a meeting was held to establish a committee to represent the formation of the RNHE when Edone-Ann was elected to lead the team as Chairperson.  She heartily agreed, having been deeply involved with creating the Museum in the past as her late father, Dick Petheram, (who we believe) started the RNHE around 1974. Edone-Ann lost no time in arranging for the first formal Committee Meeting of the RNHE which was held on 30 May 2011.

From then onwards her incredible enthusiasm, vision, desires, dedication and drive to achieve her goal of a complete revival of the RNHE was exceptional.  Thus, with her very obliging and hardworking husband Aubrey and the rest of the team, her ambitions came to fruition although she always vowed there was still much more to do.

Edone-Ann was instrumental in bringing Women’s Institute memorabilia (where she had also been heavily involved) to RNHE and creating a number of other new additions to RNHE covering numerous Nyanga historical and local cultural exhibitions, an extensive timeline display covering the history of the country since the late 1800’s, an exhibition on the country’s medical history, another exhibition including the actual bed that Aubrey used as a youngster and persuading Aubrey to recondition and deliver antiquated farm machinery now on display at RNHE. Edone-Ann also supervised the creation of the reading library at RNHE which displays a lot of Don Grainger memorabilia and contains a wide range of historical literature. There were numerous other exhibitions, memorabilia and activities undertaken under Edone-Ann’s successful guidance that are too numerous to mention here, unfortunately.

These valuable contributions live on in memory of both Edone-Ann and Aubrey’s very significant contribution to Zimbabwe’s heritage exhibitions for the future visitors to the RNHE.

Very reluctantly, after ten years at the helm, it became necessary to hand over the ropes as they moved to Harare for medical reasons.  Needless to say, Edone was sorely missed by the RNHE Committee, her Nyanga friends and long-time workmates.

Edone-Ann’s record keeping and heritage knowledge was incredible. She continually produced documents from her “archives” at home to answer questions on many historical matters.

Edone-Ann stimulated a very successful fund raising appeal with the help of the Historical Society of Zimbabwe, during/the Covid Pandemic, during which time the RNHE would have ceased to exist, were it not for the funds raised as a result. Edone-Ann continued to have remote input into RNHE affairs from Harare and continued for some time thereafter, to sit on the NTZ Council. All the way to her recent passing, she contributed to all its affairs.

Edone-Ann’s legacy remains visible at the RNHE and within NTZ.

Edone-Ann was a legendary figure in the life of NTZ over a number of decades and she will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

Personally, over 11 years of my working with Edone-Ann and Aubrey, it was always an absolute pleasure and from which I learnt an amazing amount, both on heritage and cultural matters and on a personal level. We will always be grateful to Edone-Ann and Aubrey for their selfless dedication to Zimbabwe

David Scott

I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Edone Anne. I had the real honour of meeting her through the NTZ and we soon went from work colleagues to being good friends. I respected her opinion and work ethic tremendously. I have many fond memories of Edone from teaching me flower arranging to baking tips to enjoying a drink by her fireplace along with her beloved Aubrey. She lit up the room whenever she entered it and took the time to be gracious to everyone. She had this incredible talent of making everyone feel special. She gave her energy, time and wisdom freely to everyone that she met.

It was Edone Ann’s vision and drive to fulfill her own father’s determination to see the long dreamed-of  RHNE through to the vibrant and lasting legacy that it is today: a special historical place for all to experience and enjoy.

She ran many successful projects and organised events at the RHNE and I was so pleased when she won the INTO Special Grants Programme project of the year for a cultural heritage project with local school children, she thoroughly deserved the award. I admired her greatly; she always went the extra mile and put all of heart into everything she did. She was always super positive. Even after she retired from the Council she was always available to share her knowledge, for sound advice and support.

Her life story is completely awe inspiring. She was such a dedicated and selfless lady who worked tirelessly for the NTZ, a strong and determined woman. Always smiling…

She is now reunited with her precious Aubrey.

Sharon Waterworth

A great loss for the museum. Will be sadly missed at the museum and the whole of Nyanga for that matter and many parts of Zimbabwe. A great lady has come and gone. Condolences to her family. She was also well known at INTO and the international community through her work.

John and Charles Hyslop

I was shocked to hear about Edone Ann passing. She always had such strength.

We will all miss her and I will especially as she was good friend and always me lots of good advice on the wide range of things that she knew about. I will also miss her guidance: this is a great loss for the NTZ.

                                                                                                                                                        Fira Bache

What an AMAZING tribute to Edone Ann at her Thanksgiving Service at Base Church, Harare – it was truly a grand reflection of her dedication and her life, personal and what she did for so many people, causes and commitments!

Edone, you were such a shining beam of light in all your work and dedication to the RNHE and the area.

Your unstinting interest and generosity of time and effort to the community are unrivaled.

You always had a smile, a laugh and such a cheerful approach; nothing was too much and you tackled everything with such grace and professionalism. You served so many with such loyal service to others.

We are all going to miss you and everything you represented in your work for the NTZ at the RNHE.

May you find the rest and peace you now so richly deserve, with your beloved Aubrey. A well-deserved rest now, from the fullest and most satisfying life!! Your family can be so proud.

Such sad news. What a great loss to her family and the community she served so well and tirelessly and successfully. She devoted her time and emotion to such a great and worthy cause (NTZ) we will miss her immensely.

                                                                                                                                                    Lin Goncalves

We applaud the incredible work and effort of Edone Ann at the RHNE and all the projects that she was involved in. Least not of all her enrichment of the local community who also loved her so much.

The sculptor family of the late Jonathan Matimba sends their very best wishes.

With love to the family and to an incredible woman.

                                 Clare Peech

Edone-Ann Logan. What a loss to her family and Nyanga! Indefatigable and ever charming, innovative lady whose work will remain etched in the minds of those of us that worked with her at RNHE, NTZ and in the Nyanga Community. She was such a wonderful and extraordinary person.

Go well tireless Edone as you join Aubrey in the safe hands of the Lord.

                                                                                                                                               Willy Dhlandhlara

Condolences on the loss of Edone and our prayers with her family. May she rest in peace.

                                                                                                                                                   Busani Bafana

My sincere condolences may she rest in eternal peace. She will be greatly missed by the NTZ.

                                                                                                                                            Jackson Njunga

Tributes from two colleagues and friends

So sad to say goodbye today to a great friend, Edone-Ann Logan. A wonderful caring lady. Edone-Ann was a leading personality in the Women’s Institute and the NTZ, most especially the RNHE where she worked hard at broadening its content to include all communities, thereby ensuring a broad interest in our collective Zimbabwean heritage. Her sound advice, made with no interest in ego, personal positions and remuneration, will be missed.

I was privileged to work with Edone-Ann on a short heritage booklet on Nyanga. We see here our exploring the old settler cemetery at Nyanga village, the stone being that of Lord Baden-Powell’s infant granddaughter who died there in 1939.

We already miss you Edone-Ann. At rest after a life’s dedicated work for others.

                                                                                                                                                        Rob Burrett

So sad to learn the news about Edone Ann. One friend more left us, I am really sad.

My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

                                                                                                                                                   Innes Grainger

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