Spirit of Place Statements

The Spirit of Place (SoP) concept was established at the Quebec conference of the International Council on Monuments and Sites in 2008.  SoP is defined as “the tangible (buildings, sites, landscapes, routes, objects) and the intangible elements (memories, narratives, written documents, rituals, festivals, traditional knowledge, values, textures, colours, odours, etc.). It is the physical and the spiritual elements that give meaning, value, emotion and mystery to place. SoP is a critical tool for identifying conservation priorities for cultural heritage, but is also applicable for conserving natural sites which have a meaning to communities.

SoP is a short statement of the tangible and intangible special qualities of a place. It will provide the NTZ with a framework for conservation and management and guide all activities to improve the quality of everything that we do at that site.

We have great pleasure in posting our SoP for each of the 7 properties (see each property page). We do hope that we have managed to encapsulate  what is unique, distinctive and cherished about a particular site.  We do hope that it will give you an insight of what you may experience and feel at each site.

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