Christmas Carols at World’s View, Nyanga, on Christmas Eve

 An enormous “Thank you” to our team at World’s View, Nyanga, Gill Honeyman and Guy Cary.

Guy led the singing of 11 well selected carols and gave a beautiful explanation of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ (one day at a time between each carol) – brilliant!

The Worlds View choir sang two Shona Christmas songs at the half time interlude.

The Steads grandchildren (playing sax, trumpet and flute) played background music from the toposcope before and after and while the mince pies were being handed out at the end.

  The very festive event was so well received by over 130 guests.

Wishing you all the very best for the festive season from everyone at World’s View.

We thank you very much for your kind support.

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