The Beauty of Worlds View

We invite to you watch a few videos taken of the beautiful Worlds View site which is set high on a hill that affords stunning views of the surrounding landscape. From an altitude of 2000m the escarpment drops 600m to the plain below. Enjoy seeing the sweeping panoramic views, the majestic Mount Nyamatoro and the “Protea and Wild Flower Conservancy” established through a relationship with Kirstenbosch, the world famous botanical gardens in South Africa.

On top of the hill you will see that there is the large circular Astra Toposcope with numerous plaques of black granite around the perimeter with radiating lines indicating the direction and direct distance to thirty cities, towns and places of interest. Not far from the toposcope is the Art Gallery and the sculpture garden.

Come and visit the art gallery, climb Mount Nyamtoro, bird watch, bring a picnic and relax in front of on the best views in Zimbabwe, explore the unique Toposcope, wander around the protea and wild flower conservancy and investigate the built cultural heritage of the site. Check out the art and stone sculpture and take home special plants from the plants sales.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


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