Tribute to Helen de Barsy Hyslop

A Tribute to a Wonderful Person – June 2019

Helen joined the NTZ in 1993 and became a member of the Executive Council in 2003. She was Chair of the Rhodesia Association of University Women (1970 -1980). One of her major local achievements, at that time, with other groups was the lobbying for separate assessment for tax of female spouses in 1977. Helen was a regular member of International Federation of University Women s Council in Geneva promoting graduate women’s and feminist rights over that period. The University was established in 1919 and nearly 100 years later it continues to advocate for women’s rights, equality and empowerment through the access to quality secondary and tertiary education, and training up to the highest levels. The goal is for 100% of girls and women worldwide to achieve an education beyond primary school. Helen was an alumnus of University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Tribute from David Scott – Chairman of The National Trust of Zimbabwe
We shall miss Helen terribly but her memory will remain with the NTZ Councilors and particularly Shirley and I forever.
Helen was very passionate about The National Trust. She was an incredible source of knowledge and her logical/practical/worldly wise common sense positively influenced all our Council meetings and activities. Helen, with the support of her sons, selflessly helped develop NTZ over many decades through some very tough times.
Helen gave me, personally, tireless support and encouragement in my capacity as Chairman of NTZ, especially at the outset when I first joined NTZ. Helen always made sure we were doing the right thing at NTZ, when we ventured down a new path!! We spent many hours on the phone before and after Council meetings, discussing various matters and “chewing the cud” together. I was always confident that Helen would have some great advice and suggestions to any challenge we faced. I shall miss her wisdom and experience but will recall “what would Helen do” when dealing with issues into the future!
Helen was an amazing human being who committed herself to the wider community over her entire life, without thought for herself. Shirley and I thoroughly enjoyed our (all be it too short) time with Helen.
Rest in peace dear Helen.

Tribute from Sharon Waterworth – Deputy Chairperson The National Trust of Zimbabwe
May Helen rest in peace. I extend my deepest sympathies to Hel en’s family at this very sad time.
Helen volunteered and worked for the Trust for over 26 years during which time her contribution was significant and she was instrumental to its success. Helen was dedicated to the Trust and she also chaired the sub-committee for Heritage Houses which was another of her passions.
I had the very real privilege of working with Helen over the past decade or so. It was actually Helen that introduced me to the Trust and invited me to join the Executive Council, which I fortunately did. Helen is an inspirational lady whom will be deeply missed for her professional input and wisdom. Always an active member Helen helped to steer the Council in the right direction.
Upon reflection it was so fitting that on World Heritage Day in 2018 that the Trust honored Helen’s enormous input to the Trust and in recognition by unveiling a plaque at Worlds view (a Trust property) in Nganya close to where Helen enjoyed many family holidays. I attended the celebratory event along with other NTZ Councilors which took place on a kopje (hill) at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, one of the highest points in Zimbabwe, where the escarpment drops 600 metres to the plain below. Fittingly, Helen’s plaque sits proudly above the clouds and birds flying.

As you can see the view from the plaque is one of peace and of extreme beauty and it seems endless. In addition to the plaque Helen was also given the honor of a Protea flower being named after her, both will be a constant reminder of a very special lady and of her contribution to the Trust.

Tribute from Edone-Ann Logan personally and on behalf of the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition and it’s Committee
The loss of Helen is a tragic loss to the National Trust of Zimbabwe, and in particular to the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition (Rhodes Museum). From the start of the ‘upgrade ’of the museum Helen gave the Committee encouragement, and with her practical common sense, advised on many matters. Her passion and vision for the work was infectious! We hope that her valuable knowledge and experience has not been lost as Helen was a good teacher throughout her life, imparting her knowledge freely to so many.
Helen was an absolute gentlewoman and an excellent example of the best of our older generation of women in Zimbabwe who developed the country in past years to its highest standards. She will be greatly missed by many but certainly not forgotten.
Our most sincere condolences to John and Charles, who have been tremendously supportive to their mother . May the Lord be with them in their loss.
Sincerely, All RNHE members and their families.

I shall miss Helen terribly as she more or less took me under her wing when my husband and I joined the Trust. She was so knowledgeable and ready to share that knowledge with us all.
To me she was truly inspirational and I remember well the long chats on the phone when we discussed all things pertaining to the Trust and to life in general. Helen was an amazing woman with many attributes but most of all a very kind heart.
My deepest condolences to her family, she will be sorely missed.
Rest in peace dear Helen.

Tribute from Gill Honeyman and the World’s View Team
So many years of wise words, advice and support from a very fine lady.
Will always be remembered by us all at World’s View for her kindness and generosity through good times and hardships. We shall miss Helen so much and have been privileged to have had her friendship over the many years that she has given of her unstinting support for all our projects and future goals.
Much love to John and Charles at this sad time from Gill, Matirina, Luke and Arthur.

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