Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition Opens A New Exhibit

The museum is proud to announce its latest project: the opening of a new exhibit entitled “Zimbabwe Time Line”which depicts salient historical events related to Zimbabwe during the period from BC to 1980.

All Council Members participated, each researching a 30-year period, and we now have on display five periods from BC until 1980.

Josephine Machopa organising the 1920-1950 exhibit 

June Weeks, Dalray Bailey and Merle Moore                     

Naboth Machopa organising the 1950-1980 exhibit

The last period:  1980 to the present day, has been researched and written up for us by the teachers and pupils of the History Department of St. Monica’s High School.

Great interest is being shown already by the many school children who visit the museum.

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4 Responses to Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition Opens A New Exhibit

  1. Dr Elliot Mugamu PhD says:

    I have read with great interest all the information on the NTZ website. There is no doubt that a lot of good work was put into this project.

    It is often part of human nature to take things for granted. But Chairman David Scott and your team, please allow me to express gratitude for all the good and progressive work that has been done. Through these efforts you have certainly put NTZ on the international map.

    • Sharon Waterworth says:

      Thank you Eliot for your feedback and kind words. Much appreciated.


  2. John Petheram says:

    What a great idea for enabling the young (and older) to get a perspective of Zimbabwe’s history.
    This should bring a lot of interest and discussion to the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition. No doubt it will be modified over time. Well done !

    • Sharon Waterworth says:

      Dear John

      Good to hear from you. We are very happy to receive your feed back. I will pass it on.
      Keep well.