Award Ceremony: Nyanga Schools ‘Youth Linking Minds Across the Continent’ Cultural Heritage Competition

The Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition (RNHE) was buzzing with excitement early on Sunday 15th April; guests started arriving at 9 am to attend the award ceremony and view the wonderful and informative Museum Exhibits.

As part of the global family of National Trusts (INTO), the National Trust of Zimbabwe (NTZ) participated in a competition entitled ‘Heritage  Education: youth linking minds across the continent’ which was aimed at creating spaces for intercultural learning from various parts of Africa.  Students were invited to submit a short, original video clip showing the world their unique heritage.

The competition was organised in Zimbabwe by the SOLON Foundation represented by Mr Willie Dhlandhlara and RNHE in collaboration with the NTZ and INTO. The response to the competition call was very good with 33 entries submitted.

Mrs Merle Moore (Vice chairman) opened the proceedings by welcoming everyone to the event.



Mr Dhlandhlara then gave an introduction about Solon’s participation and about the importance of cultural heritage education.  He praised the schools for the content of their videos which he then proceeded to screen the top six winning entries.

Mr David Scott the Chairman of the NTZ then gave a keynote speech about the Trust’s involvement in the competition, its background and acknowledged everyone who had been involved in executing the successful competition. He personally thanked Mrs Edone Ann Logan, Chair RNHE for her dedication to the project.

The prize-giving was conducted by Mr Scott, Mrs Edone Ann Logan and Mr Dhlandhlara. First prize was awarded St. Monica’s High School for their ‘Building a Traditional Hut’ video.

Second prize was awarded to Nyatete Heritage Club for their ‘The Secret of Nyatete Bush’ video.

The three- runner up schools were Nyajezi Primary School, Nyamhuka Primary School and Zuvarabuda Primary School.


Mr Willie Dhlandhlara generously donated three books that were presented by Sharon Waterworth to students eager to receive them.

Students and teachers were treated to a super lunch courtesy of Mr W. Dhlandhlara who also provided transport as well.

A big thank you goes to the team at RNHE for organising the award ceremony and thanks also to Shirley Scott, Lin Goncalves, Jean Goncalves and Sharon Waterworth for taking and supplying the photographs.

Everyone present at the event was very proud of our young students!  The NTZ would like to thank everyone for participating in such an exciting and interesting competition that highlighted the fascinating and rich heritage of Africa.

Memorial Bench and plaque in recognition and in celebration of the life of Mr Darrel Plowes

The National Trust was truly honored and fortunate to have Mr Darrel Plowes as an active member who one of the greatest all-round naturalists of Zimbabwe. Following a private family ceremony held in Mutare late last year a memorial bench was donated by Darrel’s family. Last month (June) the bench was placed in the orchid area at La Rochelle which was a place that had special significance to Darrel, since it was Sir Stephen who inspired Darrel’s fondness for orchids, and in turn Darrel has donated the balance of his collection back to La Rochelle.   The bench was designed and made by Gary Goss, a well known local artist, and now visitors can sit and pause and reflect on the beauty of the orchids.

Darrel lived such an incredibly rich life and he was a key link between the present and past of La Rochelle – both with the Courtauld Family and the botanicals – particularly the orchids (Harvey Leared).

The inscription on the brass plaque on the backrest of the bench reads as follows:

Darrel C.H.Plowes


Loving father, friend of the Courtaulds and natural historian extraordinaire

“He may now have ended his never finishing work but will always keep on inspiring me and many others for the remainder of our lives. Whether professional scientist or amateur enthusiast, we owe a great debt to his unrelenting search for knowledge and understanding of the natural world.”

Bart Wursten, Flora of Tropical Africa

The National Trust had a memorial plaque for Darrel, made from black granite, which will be placed in the grounds of La Rochelle later this year.

We are all richer for having known Darrel Plowes. We give thanks for the wonderfully inspiring life of this man and his love of all creation.

Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition Update August 2016

A number of items have been donated which are always a welcome addition and boost to the existing collection. All donations are much appreciated and acknowledged, as they go towards building what is already a fine collection of memorabilia and history of the area.

Following our gathering at Worlds View on the 23rd April – we met the following day for an Executive Committee Meeting at Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition, which has been greatly boosted by a lot of care and attention over the past two years and is looking very ‘professional’. An enormous THANK YOU to Edone Ann Logan who has been the driving force behind getting the Exhibition into the excellent state it is now in, and to the many very kind and generous donors who have both lent, and given, many artefacts and memorabilia to the Exhibition.